Finding 5th Grade Homework Assistance

Where to Search for 5th Grade Homework Help

It’s easy to find fifth grade homework help, if one knows where to look. This simple guide will offer some tips and suggestions guaranteed to make finding help with grade school homework a breeze.

Parents and Older Siblings

Parents and siblings are the best first stop for homework assistance, especially assuming the one who needs help is at home. While they might not remember the subject matter from their own schooling, they’re experienced enough to help a student through assignment instructions. They’re also often faster at finding information in a textbook, or understanding exactly what the teacher’s goal is with the assignment.


If a student has friends in the same class, asking them for help with their fifth grade schoolwork is also a good plan. If they’ve already completed the homework and understood it well, they’re an excellent resource. Plus, they may have asked their own parents or older brothers or sisters for help, and they can pass that help on.


For students with internet access while they’re doing their homework, the internet is a good resource too, if they know how to search properly. They’ll probably need to narrow the topic of their search down to find what they’re looking for. Some subjects are very easy to find help for.


If the above suggestions don’t help, it might be time to consider a tutor. A tutor is someone who meets with the student outside of class and helps them with topics they have difficulty with. For example, a tutor might come to the student’s house once a week, and help them understand what has been covered in that topic in class. A math tutor might work with a student one-on-one until they fully understand Roman numerals, if that’s a subject the student has been learning about in class. To find a tutor, students should speak to their parents and teachers. Sometimes tutors can be found through the school. Tutors may also be available through local community centers.

Importance of Getting Help

Students should always seek help if they’re unable to complete their homework. Homework is an important part of their learning experience, and not completing it could mean bad scores, and even more difficulty understanding more complex subjects taught at higher grade levels.