A Useful Tutorial To Organize Homework Routine Properly

The Key To Developing An Effective Homework Routine

It has been reported that it takes 21 days for a person to learn a new habit. So, taking the time to establish a solid assignment routine now can help you throughout your entire academic career. Use our following tips for developing an effective homework routine.

  • Have a designated work space-while it may make sense to work at the kitchen table, so that you can spread out and have much room; it is actually a bad spot for assignment work. You need a place to call your own where you do not have to worry about moving your things if it is dinnertime.
  • Use a desk calendar-buy a large desk calendar and use it. Write down all long and short-term work and always check the calendar before you get to work. Be diligent in using this handy tool. If you have a planner in your backpack, this too will help you remember your assignments.
  • Join a study group-working with a friend or several friends can make the job go easier. Studies have shown that students learn more quickly through collaboration efforts.
  • Exercise and take care of yourself-you have to eat right and to exercise. In order to stay healthy and stress-free, you must take care of yourself. When you get sick and miss school, you will get further behind in your academics.
  • Plan ahead-if you are assigned a large assignment, then start at the due date and work backwards from that date. Build in a few extra buffer days. Work from the due date and move through each step. Write each step n your calendar. As you sit down to do your nightly work, check the calendar and do the project work for the evening. Getting behind in your work will cause stress and result in bad grades.
  • Put away the electronics- if you surround yourself with unnecessary electronics while you are working, you will be distracted. Never bury yourself in your bedroom with all of your electronic toys, as no work will get completed.
  • Attend the teacher extra help-if you attend your teacher’s extra help, you will have the aid of an expert as you complete the evening and weekly work. Take advantage of your teacher’s extra help sessions.
  • Peer tutoring-if your school has a peer tutoring group at your school take advantage of the program. These services do not cost anything at all. If your school does not have one, then suggest that the school start such a program.