Writing A Dissertation In Finance - Useful Tips And Suggestions

3 Tips for Writing A Dissertation in Finance

Prepare A Quality Dissertation Proposal

Before you write the dissertation, you'll need to prepare the dissertation proposal and this gives your adviser and the dissertation committee an idea of what you plan to write about and you would get their approval or disapproval of the topic. Choose a dissertation topic that is narrow and unique to the study of finance from an academic perspective because the committee looks for originality in your proposal. You will also need to include a clear question that you will answer in the dissertation and discuss the literature you'll review and other types of methodology that you'll use in the paper.  Be sure to discuss the methodology in detail such as surveys, interviews, appendixes and other aspects.

Presenting Your Dissertation Proposal

When you stand before the dissertation committee, you want to first discuss the past research you looked at regarding your dissertation topic and how your specific topic will add a new angle to the research that has already been done. For example, if you researched the negative impacts of sub-prime lending on low-income families, you can mention that you're building on this research by writing about how minorities and low-income families can build financial stability without the need for sub-prime loans through the use of their savings, learning new job skills that allow them to start businesses with low capital and through an increase in financial literacy seminars by local nonprofit organizations. Finally, discuss why your research methods are right for the topic you're discussing.

General Tips on The Finance Dissertation

Always go over your department's guidelines for the dissertation and you want to plan your dissertation during the first year in the doctoral program. Manage your time wisely and set aside three to four hours each day on building research for the dissertation so that when it is time to write the dissertation, you won't have a lot of research to gather. When necessary, get help from others and take breaks periodically so you'll stay refreshed in the processed. Meet with your adviser to inform him on your dissertation's progress and to get feedback that will help you improve the work.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Overall, you want to remain positive and realize that while a dissertation is a daunting task, it's not impossible when you are organized and prepared to complete it. See your dissertation as a step towards a career in academia and as an independent scholar.