Is Help With Homework Provided By Your Parents Good Enough?

Can Parents Provide Good Enough Help With Homework?

Back in the day, children turned to their parents when they needed homework help. Children today still turn to their parents, but do parents have the skills necessary to really help their kids with homework? In many cases, the answer depends on the child, the parents, and the homework assignment.

Technology Limits Parents’ Ability to Assist

Children’s coursework has become so complex that many parents are unable to assist their children at all. In schools where children are given one-to-one technology, parents can only help if they know how to navigate websites and use modern technology. Children are learning about challenging concepts at younger ages, so if their parents are not well-versed in those fields, they might have much to offer to their children.

Explain Rather than Do

Some of the biggest problems with parents trying to help their children is knowing when to help and when to back off a bit. Too many parents will do their children’s homework, rather than helping their children get through the work. It is often easier for parents to do the job for them, because they do not have to figure out a way to explain the task. This does not help kids at all, because they do not learn anything if mom or dad does the task themselves.

Second Language Issues Create Problems

Another issue that makes it hard for parents to help their children with homework is whether or not they speak English. Since many of today’s students have parents who are not native English speakers, their parents cannot help them at all with their work. If parents do not speak English, it is practically impossible for parents to read the work and explain it to their children.

Tutoring Sites Can Provide Better Help

Fortunately, there are many different ways for students to get the homework help that they need. There are websites that will help students of all ages. Some websites have tutors who can communicate with children in elementary, middle, and high school. These websites usually have very strict rules that require parents to be involved in the tutoring as well as rules for background checks for their tutors. There are also sites that provide help for college students in all levels. If parents feel like they cannot provide the help that their students need, they should turn to someone who can. In many cases, tutoring websites actually have teachers who provide homework assistance.