How To Write A Concise And Efficient Article Critique?

Article Critique Writing Guide

A critique is an in-depth evaluation of a piece of written work. In the case of an article critique, it differs from a book critique because articles are generally quite short compared to books. This means that the critic must really read between the lines to discover what the original author’s intents were.

As the writer of a critique, it’s basically your job to provide additional insights to the meaning of the work, while making an intelligent analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. To do this you must be very familiar with the article and if possible, a little history behind the article and the author as well.

The way to write a good article critique is by following these guidelines:

1)  Thoroughly read the article:

  • Read it through the first time, to get the overall feeling and message.
  • Read it the second time, taking notes along the way.
  • Read it the third time, underlining a few key main points.

2) Do some research on the author:

  • Does the author have the authority necessary to give credit to the message contained in the article?
  • Is the author a trustworthy or recognized source in that particular field?
  • Does the author have verifiable credentials?

3) Compose your introduction:

  • Include the article and author
  • State the thesis or main point of the article

4) Summarize the supporting points given in the article:

  • What evidence has the author provided in support of the thesis or main idea?
  • Is this evidence credible and believable?
  • Strengths or weaknesses in integrity?
  • Is the evidence both accurate and valid?
  • Are the supporting statements on point or are they outdated?
  • This step comprises the body of your critique

5) Your conclusion:

  • Is the most integral part of your critique
  • Gives your opinion as to the veracity and supportability of the author’s thesis and whether he/she was effective in providing sustaining evidence.

Following these guidelines will help you to write a great article critique. Try doing a few of them to get extra practice. Having the talent of being an interesting and authoritative critic could come in handy at school and at work. Journalists, bloggers, column writers, freelance magazine article writers and students all benefit from being able to write a good article critique.

Article critique writing develops deeper thinking and critical thinking habits. It expands your horizons and increases your awareness of the world around you.