How To Keep Being Focused On Your Homework Assignments

Homework Tips for Kids: How to Concentrate on Your Assignments

Whether you are a parent looking for tips to improve your child’s concentration, or a student looking for help with focusing, you can take a breath: help is at hand.

Concentration or focus on a task is the ability of the mind to give all its attention to the task. It entails that nothing else distracts the mind. You may have noticed that you are startled when someone calls you while you are watching a particularly absorbing movie. The reason for such a response is that you were “focused” on the movie. This kind of concentration is required by students to achieve while studying.

While it is a worthy goal, you cannot make yourself or your child concentrate on something boring. Generating interest comes before seeking concentration. As you grow up, it becomes slightly easier to do things that you find distasteful, thinking of them as “duties.” You discipline yourself by going against your wishes and it is considered quite a feat of character. Now, whether or not you like homework, and whether or not you have “disciplined” yourself, you absolutely need to do your homework. You can take a few steps to focus better on your homework.

  1. A fresh perspective: Try looking at your homework as if it was all in good fun. Pretend that YOU made the choice to bring homework home. You should approach homework as if you are doing it to show off your caliber. It does not really matter what you decide to think, as long as it is a newer, more positive perspective. This exercise will help you generate interest in something you have not found attractive up until now.
  2. Set a place aside for homework: Do not do your homework just anywhere. Set up a study table and comfortable chair where there is little chance of distractions. Make this area special. Decorate it if you so please. Use bright and alive colors so that you remain upbeat throughout.
  3. Time Management: An important ingredient in improving focus is good time management. Allocate specific hours for homework and divide this time into chunks of 20-25 minutes. Take a 5-10 minute long break after you finish a 20-minute session of studying.
  4. Play a game: Now you have 20 minutes of highly productive time on your hands. To use this time efficiently, play a game. Visualize a basket at the side or back of your mind. Each time that a distracting thought invades your time, put it gently in that basket to look at later. It works beautifully if you do not cheat. Do not forget to pick up the thought at the end of the 20 minutes.

These steps will subtly alter your mental habits to allow for a deeper focus. Trying to use brute force to discipline yourself, or a child, will be counterproductive at best and catastrophic at worst.