How To Do Homework: A Few Rules You Should Keep In Mind

Homework Ideas: Organizing Your Free Time

Take note of where you sit down to do your homework. Do you often sit at the kitchen table, where your siblings are fighting and your parents are clearing dishes? Do you sit in the living room where the television is always on and loud in the background? These places might have been suitable when you were younger, and your assignments did not require a great deal of concentration or skill on your behalf, but as you get older, you need to find a study room or bedroom, or any room really where there are no distractions and no noise. This is where you should do your homework.

  • Do not sit your bed if you are working in your room. The bed is not conducive to studying and confusing your mind in this manner will only inhibit your sleeping pattern and your homework pattern. Instead, if you are working in your room, try working at a desk or table where your computer and books can be spread out. Your goal is to get a comfortable place in which to work. Remember that your homework space does not have to be huge, but it does have to be big enough that you can sit out your books and computer.
  • Start working. When you set out to work, it is recommended that you do the hardest assignments first. Many students are tempted to start with their easier assignments, to get them out of the way and feel a sense of accomplishment, but your energy and focus will be at its highest level when you start your homework. So the best way for you to utilize this mental power is on the subjects that are the most difficult. As you start to tire near the end, then you can focus on the easier and more mundane tasks.
  • If you get stuck working on a problem, try and review any notes you have and the text to figure it out to the best of your abilities. But do not spend too much time on the one problem. If you cannot figure it out after twenty minutes, then move on. Do not let it interfere with the remainder of your homework schedule for the night. Ask a classmate for help, or your parents. But do not waste time chatting with the person to whom you turn for help all night. Instead, let them know that you have a small question that needs answered and that is all.