Do Not Buy College Term Papers

Why Not To Buy College Term Papers?

Everyone knows at the beginning of the term, they are seriously dedicated to their work, are committed to staying on top of their assignments, and are looking forward to the rest of the term. Unfortunately that dedication and enthusiasm quickly wanes as the months pass on and the pressure of constant papers amounts. By the end of term, most students are so anxious to have a break, that the thought of finishing a term paper makes them queasy.

While most students will simply bite the bullet and work on their paper, others may think of turning towards other venues for the completion of their term paper. These different avenues often include online resources from either free or paid websites.

Problem with buying from websites

Low Quality – Often the positive reviews of paid and free paper writing sites are false. More often than not, you will have a low quality paper handed in to you even from paid sites. This means you will either have to revise it yourself, or be satisfied with a low score despite the money you shelled out on it.

False Advertisement – While many sites, especially paid ones, advertise how all of their writers have a college degree, and how many are professors, et cetera, do not believe it. Granted, a few *may* be highly educated, but many are not. Unfortunately you are likely to get some unqualified person writing your paper, even if you pay for the high quality services of another.

Expensive – Should you go with a paid site, you are looking at paying anywhere from $5-$20 per page. The $5/page is usually very low quality. Additionally these sites still hardly chuck out papers that would satisfy freshman professors!

Free – The quality of work on free sites is pathetic. You should avoid free paper writing services at all costs because you will definitely get what you pay for. Free sites will leave you with a useless paper and even less time to complete the assignment yourself.


Buying term papers is never a great idea. Your chances of getting a high score on the paper from a paid site are quite low, and nonexistent if it is a free site. If you are counting on a passing grade for this term paper, then you will have to write it yourself. If not, then you might be able to skate by with buying a term paper – but the chances of getting caught for plagiarism and for buying your paper are very high!