Accounting Case Study Writing Help

Writing Tips For Accounting Case Study Writing

If you are a student who is enrolled in the financial or business sector, then it is very likely that you will eventually be assigned a accounting case study writing assignment. Case studies are the one rare occasion when mathematic reason and creative writing talents are combined. Although case studies typically lean more towards the formal side of report writing there is an element of personal observation that needs to be included.

Thankfully, all the research that you need to do should be right in front of you in the accounting data, all you need to do is examine it and write your report based off of your findings. Sound easy? Well it takes a bit of work to compose a good case study report you can simply regurgitate the account file information, you do have to come up with a unique analysis.

Tips For Writing A Great Accounting Case Study

  1. Look at the data carefully and keep notes on your initial observations, for example;
  2. It appears that the account holder makes regular large sum withdrawals and small deposits

  3. Use these notes to your benefit when writing your thesis on your report findings:
  4. We can conclude that if the account holder continues to make large withdrawals and only small deposits that the longevity of the account is in jeopardy.

  5. Like any other writing assignment you also need to compose a hypothesis
  6. My prediction is within 5 months the account will have a negative balance if these trends continue.

  7. There are certain assumptions that you need to make in order to write a case study report that makes logical sense.
    • a.) Assume that the account will continue to exist into the future
    • b.) Assume that the data you have received is accurate
    • c.) Assume that the estimates have been rounded down not up
    • d.) Assume that the account will continue to be reported in the same format
    • e.) Assume that the transactions have been reported separately and not combined

    These assumptions allow us to compose the case study using only the data that we have been presented. If these assumptions are not true, this is irrelevant to the person who is composing the case study.

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  8. Do not make any statements that do not support the evidence shown in the account or far-fetched statements that do not support these assumptions. It is in the author’s best interest to write the report using on the facts that they have been presented and not by seeking outside resources that are not backed with supportive evidence. For example, the writer cannot assume that the account holder has any undocumented funds or transactions that would impact the account.